Sales and Marketing

The most powerful tool for generating new sales is the recommendation and word of mouth of existing clients and we are happy to provide prospective customers with references wherever required. To date, we enjoy an excellent client satisfaction statistic, a feat we are extremely proud of and one Phoenix are intent on retaining.

This means we are confident that all our clients, dating back to our business launch in 2000, will have no hesitation in recommending us to others or using us again as required. 

That said, in our industry there can be no place for complacency. We operate in an extremely competitive field and must ensure our service remains efficient and true at all times - the consequences of failing to do so being too costly to contemplate!

Our growth and stability now enables us to tender for all sizes of contract with confidence and we support our bids with a comprehensive tender brochure, detailing our operating methods, codes of conduct and service levels.

Please direct sales enquiries to our Business Development team who will be pleased to assist you. Thank you. Click Here