Mobile Patrol/Incident Response

Patrol -sec is a cost effective mobile security patrol service that can be utilized fully where full time manned guarding may not be feasible.
Our service operates 24 hrs per day 365 days per year throughout the M4 corridor.
We offer random mobile inspections to your premises on a agreed frequency which will be determined after a complete risk analysis.
The inspections will consist of a patrol officer arriving at your premise in a clearly identifiable response vehicle wearing a high visibility uniform standard to our patrol officers.
The patrol officer will then proceed to inspect your premise as per your specific instructions this can include internal as well as external patrols, k-9 assisted patrols can also be carried out.
The inspection can be verified by the patrol officer using an electronic monitoring device that only the officer can input patrol details, this provides you the client with a detailed audit of the patrol inspection including time and date.
Our high profile presence in conjunction with our security warning signs at your
 Premise will act as a deterrent to would be criminals and vandals at a small cost, as well as deterring crime patrol-sec will alert you to the threat of fire, flood or any other incident that may harm your business.
We can also provide you with peace of mind with our dedicated KEYHOLDING service so that in the event that you or your representative are unable to attend you will know that any emergency will be dealt with the utmost care and professionalism.
Our patrol-sec staff are well trained and well equipped to the extent they are now equipped with the new RoboCam system ,enabling patrol officers to record premise inspections in real time digital recording. All patrol staff are vetted in accordance with British standard 7858 and trained to standard 7499, this training is an ongoing issue and we at Phoenix believe that training is key to our staff's performance and their performance is key to our success.