Level 3 Close Protection 

The SIA issues licenses to Close Protection operatives (body guards) who meet their criteria. In the interests of the industry as a whole and in support of its license to practice, the SIA invited awarding organisations to develop a qualification to meet this demand.

To qualify for a license you will need to satisfy three requirements:
1) Pass an identity check
2) Pass a criminal records check
3) Possess a recognised Close Protection qualification

The Level 3 is such a recognised qualification and consists of 1 unit:

Unit 1 - Working As a Close Protection Operative
This unit incorporates 14 learning outcomes see below for more details.

Learning Outcome 1
Understand the legislation that is relevant to people working in the close protection industry

Learning Outcome 2
Understand the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative

Learning Outcome 3
Know the importance of threat assessment and risk management

Learning Outcome 4
Know surveillance techniques

Learning Outcome 5
Understand venue security operations

Learning Outcome 6
Know how to design and demonstrate operational planning

Learning Outcome 7

Know the importance of interpersonal skills

Learning Outcome 8
Know the importance of teamwork

Learning Outcome 9
Know the importance of reconnaissance

Learning Outcome 10
Know how to conduct close protection foot drills

Learning Outcome 11
Know the importance of planning and selecting routes

Learning Outcome 12
Know vehicle movement tactics and operations

Learning Outcome 13
Know the search techniques and procedures for close protection operations

Learning Outcome 14
Know how to apply conflict management techniques while providing close protection

What are the benefits of obtaining this qualification?
On successful completion of each unit, candidates receive a nationally recognised certificate awarded by the awarding organisation Edexcel. The Level 3 overarching certificate will be awarded once all learning outcomes have been successfully completed.

What does the assessment involve?
The course will take place over 15 days, over these 15 days you will learn a variety of practical and theoretical skills. You will build a portfolio of evidence to support your learning. This can then be used for job purposes.

There is also one examination, The examination has 60 multiple-choice questions and learners need 42 to achieve a pass and will take 90 minutes.

Who is this qualification for?
The Level 3 qualification is designed for those who wish to work in the industry; and is awarded to those who pass one examination covering the basic knowledge and responsibilities of the occupation, and multiple practical demonstrations and a portfolio of evidence. This nationally recognised qualification is the industry standard and enables a Close Protection Officer to apply for a license to practice.

Are there any exemptions to this qualification?
If you have completed a security training course and/or qualification you may be exempt from some or all of the training and qualification requirements. For a list of exemptions, visit www.the-sia.org.uk
If you have full exemption, you must contact us to request an Exemption Registration Form, providing your full name, address and date of birth. The form needs to be completed and returned to so that your details can be sent to the awarding body to confirm your exemption. Failure to submit this form will mean that your license application cannot be processed by the SIA, The cost of obtaining exemption from is £20.00 (including VAT).