IHCD accredited First Person On Scene Intermediate – FPOSI 

This foundational and valuable course, which as the title states, is designed for the immediate care and responses required in any emergency situation. The course is structured in subject delivery and practice, bringing constant development to each participant, but will also require some element of pre-learning and some further study outside of the course teaching hours in the evenings.
This 'full' FPOS course is delivered over five days and you will receive qualification in both FPOS Basic and Intermediate levels of award. You do not need to be a previously qualified First Aider to undertake this course.

The Pre Hospital Environment

The role of the First Person On Scene
Scene Safety
Minimising risk of infection
Post-incident procedures

Patient Assessment

Communicating with patients
Examination and assessment

Airway Management

Basic airway management Causes of blocked airway
Opening and maintaining a clear airway
Use of manual suction equipment

Respiration and Ventilation

Recognition of respiratory problems
Recognition of common breathing difficulties

Basic Life Support

Perform basic life support
Recovery position
Automated external defibrillation

Circulation and Shock

Recognition and initial care of haemorrhage
Shock (to include faints)

Medical Emergencies

Recognition and initial care of: Heart attack/angina
Unconscious patient

Trauma Related Emergencies

Recognition and initial care of injuries to bones, muscles and joint
Recognition and initial care of burns and scalds