Environmental Statement

The Phoenix Group acknowledges the inherent value of the natural environment. We recognise that our business activities have a direct and indirect impact on the environment and we will endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner. We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement to minimise our impact on the environment.

These principles form part of our integrity value, and will be integrated into our business strategy:

 Establish performance indicators which will allow us to set targets and track our progress.
 Comply with all relevant legislation, commercial requirements and codes of conduct.
 Prevent pollution in line with legal requirements.
 Seek to reduce resource consumption, waste and improve efficiency in all of or operations.
 Enable and encourage employees to make a contribution to environmental improvement.
 Ensure all employees have a basic level of environmental awareness.
 Engage with our suppliers and customers in environmental initiatives.
 Communicate our performance in open and transparent manner.
 Consider environmental issues in all relevant decision making processes.
  Fully co-operate with the communities in which we operate in.

It is the responsibility of the management team to implement this policy. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it reflects the current interests of our stakeholders.