CSR Policy

Phoenix Group recognises that our business activities have a direct and indirect impact on the communities and environment in which we operate. We endeavour to manage these in responsible manner, believing that sound and demonstrable performance in relation to corporate social responsibility is an essential part of business success.
Phoenix group is committed to respecting the interests of all our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and the community. By integrating the following principles into our integrity value we hope to not only provide solid financial performance but also make a positive contribution to the community and environment in which we operate.

Standard Business Practices 

• As a standard, conduct all business in compliance with relevant legislation.
• Conduct all business in a fair and ethical manner.
• Oppose corruption in whatever form it may take.
• Report social responsibility activities in an open and transparent manner.

Labour practices

• Respect the standards outlined in the declaration of human rights.
• Promote equality and diversity.
• Provide a working environment that protects the health and safety of employees.
• Offer relevant training to enable employees to fulfil their full potential.
• Respect employee rights thus ensuring a positive employee relations climate.

Community relations

• Offer employment within the local communities in which we operate.
• Help build safer communities by engaging with young people, primary through sport and constructive activities.
• Provide assistant to range charitable causes and community initiatives.
• Support employee volunteering and engagement with local communities.

Environmental performance

• Establish performance indicators which allow us to set targets and track our progress.
• Comply with relevant legislation, commercial codes of conduct.
• Seek to reduce resource consumption, waste and improve efficiency in all of our activities.
• Enable and encourage all employees to make a contribution to environmental improvement.

Supply Chain Management

• Work with suppliers to deliver the objectives of this policy throughout our supply chain.
It is the responsibility of the management team to implement this policy. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it reflects the current interests of the stakeholders.