"Both the domestic and global security environment …
...present an increasingly complex, challenging and growing list of threats and adversaries.

The demand for proficient private security services have sky-rocketed in recent years and these demands are only expected to increase.

Our adversaries will not pause to wait for us to correct ourselves should we not be ready therefore we must ensure that the level of our training, support infrastructure and operatives ensure that we at a constant state of readiness to protect our clients and their representatives from loss of life, to secure their assets and minimise potential reputation harm, thus ensuring stakeholder interests and relationships."

Managing Director   
Phoenix Security Services Ltd

Our operatives are drawn from British Army personnel including Elite Units and Former UK Special Forces who have served in numerous conflict zones throughout the past 25 years. These personnel are experienced both on land and sea and are able to provide high level security solutions in a variant range of complex and hostile environments.

Phoenix Specialist Services are well placed to provide bespoke solutions for individuals or companies who require a High level of security in the following areas.

  • Close protection
  • Un armed Security teams 
  • Armed protection teams (high risk environments) 
  • Security threat awareness training 
  • Major incident/ crisis  planning 
  • Property Intrusion tests 
  • Hostile environment First Aid