Celebrity Protection & Security Management

Phoenix Security’s celebrity protection & entertainment security management services were formed to provide celebrities, entertainment and wealthy individuals a professional, discreet and effective security service.

With the ever-changing world of entertainment comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern celebrity. Phoenix Security Services has updated the traditional face of celebrity and entertainment protection, by generating a secure method of protecting clients that is flexible, discreet and effective. 
  • Fashion designers 
  • Movie celebrities 
  • Entertainment celebrities 
  • Wealthy individuals 
This unique method of implementing celebrity protection and security allows us to provide a thorough and robust service that can be catered to the individual needs of our clients. In addition, Phoenix  Security can deploy individual security personal and security teams discretely and efficiently to any environment, providing low key security or protective surveillance covering both domestic and international locations.

  • Celebrity Protection 
  • Personal protection
  • Family protection 
  • Travel security and protection 
  • Unarmed and armed security ( country dependent )
  • Security drivers and transportation 
  • Protective surveillance and security 
  • Domestic and overseas security 
  • Residential Security 
  • Security assessments and evaluations 
  • Electronic security measures/ devices 
  • Dedicated security teams 
  • Dedicated family teams 

Transportation & Travel Security  

  • Security Advance & Response 
  • Security advance teams
  • Emergency response teams 
  • Counter and protective surveillance teams 
Our key ability is the early identification of potential threats before they occur. This enables us to make effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity to inflict damage or harm. Our services are available 24 hours a day.

Phoenix Security  provide personnel that understand the industry trends and have the unique ability to blend into there surroundings but also show a physical deterrent when necessary. Our staff are capable of running any other duties whilst on task such as transportation, family and media liaison to allow the celebrity to focus on what they do best.

The United Kingdom requires all security personnel to be licensed (SIA) to provide any protection and security related services.