Applying For your Licence  

After successfully passing the relevant SIA Training course you may apply for the SIA Licence. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have satisfied the training requirement - you will not be granted a licence unless you do so.

It normally takes around six weeks for each application to be processed; this time starts from when a correctly completed application form is received (when SIA receives a correctly-completed application, they will write to the candidate in order to confirm).

It usually takes one to two working days for a correctly completed application to be checked and scanned on to the SIA’s system. Because of the high volume of applications being received this process can take approximately five working days. Complex applications (for example, applications subject to Criminal Records Bureau or qualification enquiries and those requiring overseas criminality checks) may take longer than six weeks to process.

A decision will then be reached on whether to issue a licence. They write explaining their decision and, if successfully granted, a licence will be issued to cover you for a period of three years. Your application will be assessed against various licensing criteria; before applying for an SIA licence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy all of these criteria - you will not be granted a licence unless you do so. The SIA will not be liable for any costs (for example, the cost of training) incurred during the application process.

As well as the application form SIA will need supporting documentation (for example, proof of identity), a personal photograph and the application fee. All documentation will be returned to you but please don't send anything you might need in the near future.

The fees are as follows:
1st SIA License is £220

You can apply using a blank application form or use the new online e-fill service on the SIA website